The Lifestyle Exchange

Who doesn’t desire a better life? I think it’s safe to say that we all do. Likely, more so now than ever.

In the last few years, we have seen the world change at a pace unknown in human history. In fact, I read an article recently that stated it took 100 years historically to create the level of change in society and humanity that has recently occurred in just a few short months.

That’s profound, don’t you think?

The world is in a warp speed transformation and it’s very easy for us to get lost in the shuffle. From individual identity to freedoms of choice and expression, we need, now more than ever, to find our focus, our tribe, and our alignments. We need to secure the clarity of our minds and strength of our bodies and health. We need to find independence from emerging systems. And we need to find the place where we are most wanted.

That’s why we have created the The Lifestyle Exchange.

We want to collaborate with you to EXCHANGE the narrative in order for you to create the path to your best life rather than getting lost in the rising tide of global transformation.

You were born with a purpose and a key role to play in this life. And you can’t fulfill that purpose if you are unhealthy, broke, tired, stressed, dazed and confused. You can’t be your BEST if you are isolated and alone. You can’t be all that you can be if you don’t have a tribe to empower, encourage, support and strengthen you.

That’s where The Lifestyle Exchange comes in. In this community we will seek to create a tribe of like-minded members and within that explore:

The Health Exchange

Without your health, what do you have? Certainly not the strength to overcome modern life challenges. That’s why we’ve included health in this Exchange. With decades of nutrition and healthy living experience and expertise, we will partner with you for ways to improve and secure your wellbeing. We will explore healthy choices, proper supplementation, ways to boost your immunity and work towards healing in many aspects.

The Financial Exchange

Here we will explore ways to break free from the 9-5 grind. We will present new ideas, new methods of earning, creating passive income, investing and growing your future financial freedom. Then, in January 2022, we will formally launch The Crypto Exchange for a fast-track course to investing in this growing and crucial market. In all, you’ll discover an abundance of opportunities items, ideas and insights.

The Fitness Exchange

If you are weak and frail, you’ll struggle. Why do that? You certainly don’t want to in these times. So, I’m going to parlay my years as a professional trainer to help you strengthen your body. From a simple walk to full-on workouts, we will explore numerous ways to maintain your physical prowess, strength, stamina and power.

The Mindset Exchange

What you think matters. I’m fact, what you think may be your biggest battle you may not even realize it. There is a vast world of mind-manipulation and we often don’t even realize we’ve been had. We end up with mindsets that secure our failure; weakness and struggle instead of abundance, freedom and life. As a certified self sabotage coach, I will be unraveling many of those mind matters and Exchanging them with powerful thoughts for abundant life.

The Faith Exchange

I don’t know about you, but my faith has been shaken in recent years. However… there is power in faith and we will explore exactly how to Exchange doubt, fear, uncertainty and more, through faith. In fact, as a member, you’ll receive my latest book, The 7 Pillars of Living Your Best Life. It lays a strong foundation to a life in faith that is well lived and abundant.

The Relocation Exchange

I know many no longer feel safe in their home countries. Many are looking to go, as the Digital Nomad says, “where they are treated best.” We’ve spent thousands of hours in research on this topic and will be sharing our insights and wisdom to guide you. We will also have numerous written guides and resources available for your consideration and support.

Suffice to say, every day of every week we will delve deeply and authentically into these topics. We will share valuable opportunities, insights, and challenges. You’ll receive:

  • Daily posts on the Exchange topics
  • A weekly Zoom call
  • Up to date news and information
  • Current market tips
  • Recipes and nutritional guidance
  • Fitness tips
  • Self sabotage coaching
  • Mindset transformation insights
  • So much more…

We will be by your side, learning and growing together as a United community for the goal of living our best lives.

It’s all being offered for just $19 a month. FOREVER, IF YOU JOIN NOW! But that price will rise to $49 in 2022.

As mentioned, you’ll also get my latest book, The 7 Pillars of Living Your Best Life…. FREE!… a $39 value. In it you’ll discover the essential principles of a life well-lived.

  • Pillar 1: Do it afraid
  • Pillar 2: Hold your peace
  • Pillar 3: Practice patience
  • Pillar 4: Exercise forgiveness
  • Pillar 5: Be content
  • Pillar 6: Do unto others
  • Pillar 7: Walk in love

This is a simple, yet powerful book that I know you’ll love.

Join us!

Make the Exchange for the life you were born to live, without all the restraints the world today tries to entangle you with.

Your best life awaits!

The Lifestyle Exchange will help you lay hold of it and live it!


Oh. My. Gosh. This is SOOOOOOOO GOOOD! (Do you know how much I look forward to reading these jewels you write?) Share 1 or 2 of these outside the group to let people know what you are sharing in here… cuz it’s Gold, my friend. Gold. Bess

This is the only group I’ve ever belonged to that made you feel so welcome, offered such great advice and made you feel like part of a group with zero judgment. Great Job “the Lifestyle Exchange” blessed to be part of this group from the beginning! Kim

How will you benefit from joining The Lifestyle Exchange?

The Lifestyle Exchange will help you:

  • Discover financial freedom from the grind and the system
  • Heal you body, mind and spirit
  • Improve your nutritional health
  • Strengthen your faith and tap into your God given power
  • Increase your stamina, energy, physical strength and vitality
  • Break old mindsets that don’t serve your life goals
  • End patterns of self-sabotage and recognize influences that lead you astray
  • Increase in hope, love, abundance… LIFE
  • Feel alive, connected and valuable
  • Uncover your purpose and passions
  • Make informed medical decisions and find natural solutions
  • Feel like you’re the conquerer you were born to be
  • Become focused, energized and confident
  • Find freedom and healing from past wounds and traumas
  • Choose the right relationships and end unhealthy ones
  • Gain confidence in who you are and what you are created to be and do
  • And SO much more

Join today for just $19 a month, PLUS receive my latest book, The 7 Pillars of Living Your Best Life, absolutely free!