Overlooking Mazatlan, Mexico

Whether you are just thinking of moving to Mexico and want some more information, or you are ready to relocate and need help along the way, we can assist with any of your needs.

Leave the stress behind. Forget about the rat race. Get off the hamster wheel. Just say no to the grind.

Discover a peaceful life. Friendly people. Laid back living. Ease of just being you, how you want to be.

Sit on the beach with fresh, hand- cut mango. Sip a margarita. Dine world class food. Bask in endless sunshine and dance in evening rains.

See sights and sounds, every day, that you’ve never seen before or only dreamed of seeing on the daily.

Live the good life in Mazatlan where the people are as amazing as the beaches and the food. Where budgets are kind and life is lived joyful and abundant.

Your goal is to Live Your Best Life.

And Mazatlan Mexico is an ideal location to do just that!

Your mission now is to let us help you achieve that goal.

The Lifestyle Exchange has it all dialed in to make your vacation or relocation the perfect solution for Living Your Best Life.

Comprehensive Guide – Successfully & Happily Move To Mexico

This is your full and comprehensive guide (148 pages of it!) on relocating to Mexico. In this guide, we explore and discuss topics like:

  • Why are people leaving the US?
  • Why move to Mexico?
  • Great things about living in Mexico
  • Not-so-great things about living in Mexico
  • Top locations to consider
  • Process of applying for residency
  • How to get to Mexico
  • Importing your car
  • Auto insurance
  • Best apps tp use on your phone while in Mexico
  • Getting a phone in Mexico
  • Health / travel insurance
  • What to bring and not to bring
  • Everything you need to know about bringing your pets to Mexico
  • Banks and other financial considerations

Comprehensive Guide – Successfully And Happily Move To Mexico

This is your full and comprehensive guide on moving to Mexico


Living Your Best Life In Mazatlan – An Area Guide

Moving to a new city is always daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with the city you are moving to! In this guide, we will discuss all the different areas or neighborhoods in Mazatlan and what each of the them offer you as a potential resident. Whether you like the old world charm or Centro Historico or the hustle and bustle of The Golden Zone, there is a neighborhood and place for everyone in this thriving, bustling city!

Living Your Best Life In Mazatlan – An Area Guide

A detailed guide on the best areas / neighborhoods to live in Mazatlan.