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It’s time to live your best life, don’t you think?
Leave the stress behind. Forget about the rat race. Get off the hamster wheel. Just say no to the grind.
End the narrative, agenda and messages that seek to control and manipulate you into a life you don’t desire.

Say YES to you and the freedom you deserve.
Discover financial, health, and medical freedom as well as freedom of choice, and freedom from self-sabotage. Build your faith. Learn how to be fit and strong, how to secure your privacy and live your life on your terms. It’s all in The Lifestyle Exchange.

You’ll discover a dynamic freedom based teaching community and enjoy 1-1 coaching as well as a variety of resources and opportunities.

Even if relocating is the goal, we will help you discover a peacefully free life in Mexico with an abundance of resources.

Your goal is to Live Your Best Life.

Your mission now is to let us help you achieve that goal.

The Lifestyle Exchange has it all dialed in to give you the perfect solutions for Living Your Best Life.

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About The Lifestyle Exchange

This initiative is all about creating a freedom based lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for financial, faith, medical, location, health, fitness or self-sabotage freedom, this team has the expertise to help navigate you towards your path of freedom.

Carl has been involved in lifestyle transformation for over 30 years. He has had successful careers in personal training, coaching, design, landscaping and self-sabotage coaching as well. With his extensive experience and knowledge of all the freedom pillars we teach our clients, you can be certain that your freedom journey is as personal to him as his own.

Will joined the mission 5 years ago and holds the same passions and vision for helping you achieve your best life in freedom. And together, they have created The Lifestyle Exchange which simply seeks, through collective and extensive experience, to raise the bar so to speak. To help guide and support you on your own journey to freedom, no matter how big or small. To them, your journey matters and we want to ensure you receive all the best support and care in making your dreams a reality.